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[29 Dec 2012|10:28pm]
so many things i wanna buy

a dresser
a bed
a tv
a laptop?
a camera...eventually
iphone 5
dog food
work clothes/shoes
concert tix
old vogue magazines
a zara bag
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[23 Dec 2012|10:14pm]

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[27 Jun 2012|10:30pm]
today i weighed 154

in july of 2011 my goal weight was 160 lol :o
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[10 Apr 2012|07:03am]

me trying to be Iggy Azalea lol
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[20 Mar 2012|06:33am]
oh piter-wilson is back this can't be good

i want to put "212" on my phone but i can't find an mp3, crying in the gif above etc
still in mexico lol btw ofc
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[15 Mar 2012|05:49pm]!/catalytically

follow meeeeeeeee I'm using it more often now
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Writer's Block: Doppelganger Week [01 Feb 2012|10:15am]

Who is your look-alike?

View 640 Answers

my sister said I remind her of Robert Pattinson :( I don't look like a foot...
and some1 else said Taylor Lautner but i d e k he has a squinty fa$e
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[25 Dec 2011|09:20am]
possibly gaining a thousand pounds omg, i've had like 6 squirts today/yesterday. the fuck.
lots and lots of rice/beans too. so mexican.

i weighed 161 yesterday. my goal has been 160!! let's shoot for 155
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[10 Dec 2011|08:45am]
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[22 Nov 2011|12:23am]
Down to 166lbs. I have six more pounds to go!
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[25 Aug 2011|04:54am]
it's been a month and three days since i've finished insanity
the past two weeks... i ate corn and whole wheat flour tortillas and i wasn't watching my portions.

i gained 7 lbs.


i'm looosing it with just dieting though. i've already lost 3 lbs! all within this week. i miss working out. i think i've worked out like eight times omg l a z y!
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[02 Aug 2011|12:52am]
today's subtotal: $388.45 mexican pesos (roughly $34 USD, assuming the dollar = $11.50 mexican pesos)

two bunches of spinach, $11.80 (roughly $1.03 USD)
two bunches of swiss chards, $5.70 (roughly $0.50 USD)
3 heads of broccoli, $22.59 (roughly $1.96 USD)
4 zucchinis, $9.61 (roughly $0.84 USD)
jalapeno peppers, $4.04 (roughly $0.35 USD)
1 cucumber, $4.17 (roughly $0.36 USD)
1 bunch of parsley, $5.50 (roughly $0.48 USD)
1 bunch of cilantro, $4.50 (roughly $0.39 USD)
2 green bell peppers, $8.08 (roughly $0.70 USD)
1 bag of great value frozen strawberries, $25.90 (roughly $2.25 USD)
limes, $3.97 (roughly $0.35 USD)
6 celery sticks, $5.62 (roughly $0.49 USD)
8 small tomatoes, $8.10 (roughly $0.70 USD)
3 liters soy milk, $49.50 (roughly $4.30 USD)
1 liter soy milk "coconut frappuccino", $19.90 (roughly $1.73 USD)
3 liters soy juice pineapple/apple/guanabana, $41.50 (roughly $3.61 USD)
1 loaf of whole wheat bread, $20.80 (roughly $1.81 USD)
1 bag of amaranth, 250g, $18.50 (roughly $1.61 USD)
1 bag of granola, 400g, $25.40 (roughly $2.21 USD)
1 pineapple, $33.73 (roughly $2.94 USD)
1 small bag of textured soy protein, $5 (roughly $0.46 USD)
2 scallions, $11 (roughly $0.96 USD)
3 medium sized onions, $9.61 (roughly $0.84 USD)
2 red onions, $7.52 (roughly $0.65 USD)
mushrooms, $9.41 (roughly $0.81 USD)
3 cans whole black beans, $27 (roughly $2.34 USD)
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[18 Jul 2011|03:35am]
saw my grandmother today and i hadn't seen her in over a year. her words "...tu eres braulio? estas muy delgado" etc. pretty funny. i could see in her eyes that she was pleased to see me. she's turning 82 or 83 this year. i think she doesn't have a lot of time left so i felt like i should see her. idk. we gave her some fried rice and she better like it!

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[27 Jun 2011|11:19pm]
according to this i only need to lose six more pounds to get to my ideal weight (166lbs) -

hmmm my goal was 160... o
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[26 Jun 2011|01:03am]
wow so I just got home 4m a quinceañera and since I didn't eat what they made, I went seven hours w/o eating. As soon as my stomach began to make noises, I kneeeeew that I needed to eat, but I fell asleep instead.

Had lots of uncomfortable gas and ugh. Everything they made to eat--mole, refried beans, mexican rice was cooked with PORK LARD. The meat in the mole was pork itself. And I had like, three people trying to convince me to "try" it. These people are what you would call ENABLERS!! imo

SO I had a headache from hell coming home and as soon as I ate oatmeal/blackberry jam, a banana, prunes, and a handful of granola, I began to feel normal again. I also had a large glass of orange juice and a little more after to mix with that flax seed powder stuff. I feel SOOOOO much better!

All I could think of were my arteries when I heard that everything had been cooked with pork lard. JFC I can't believe that the old me wouldn't have cared. That just goes to show how I had no respect for my body.
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[07 Jun 2011|04:16am]
December 2010: 105kg/232lbs
March 18: 96.9kg/213lbs
March 28: 94kg/207lbs
April 14: 90.8kg/200lbs
May 11: 86kg/189.5lbs
May 22: 85.7kg/188.9lbs
June 3: 81.3kg/179lbs
June 16: 79.7kg/175.7lbs
June 23: 79.0kg/174.1lbs
July 2: 77.5kg/170.9lbs
July 14: 77kg/169.8lbs

New goal: 73kg/160lbs

I can do this!!!

I'm going to get rid of my size36 jeans.. I've already given my size38 jeans away. I could either buy size32 jeans now or wait and see if I can reach my goal. My size33 shorts I bought a few weeks ago is falling off. :\
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[06 Jun 2011|04:26am]
lol hey so I made this Tumblr.. follow me
I made it mostly for myself, but it can be useful when people ask if all I eat are veggies/fruits/oats/grains (currently I do, but when I get to Houston I'll eat more of the stuff I reblog!)
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[26 May 2011|04:30am]
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Writer's Block: Say goodbye to Kansas, Dorothy [15 May 2011|04:27pm]

If you woke up surrounded by doctors who told you that you'd been in a medical experiment since birth and that your entire life had been a dream, how do you think you'd react?

First question listed was submitted by victoriahaseyes. (Follow-up questions, if any, may have been added by LiveJournal.)

View 1937 Answers

Can Livejournal stop letting the white people ask their weird ass questions?
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[14 May 2011|02:51am]
Read more...Collapse )
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